Your Genes Your Food

We are a DNA based precision fitness company bringing you the power of genomic testing, custom exercise plans, personalized nutrition and convenience of fresh meals designed for your DNA delivered to your door.

Which blueprint is right for you?


Take charge of your weight today with our money back guarantee DNA SMARTLOSS™  program. Maximize your results by unlocking the power of your DNA. You can lose weight while enjoying meals designed for your metabolism.


Take your physique transformation and athletic performance to the next level with your DNA blueprint for exercise and diet. We give you the most comprehensive data and prep your meals for peak performance.


A healthier life with chronic condition is made possible by DNA Smart Living. Gene activity can be under your control based on your DNA insights. Fitgenetix meal delivery makes it convenient and simple for you to make the transition.


Fitgenetix Corporate Wellness program can assist your company build happier, healthier, and more productive teams.

We can design unique wellness programs for specific nutrition/fitness company goals. Contact us for more information.

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A DNA test is life long. The information that you find out from your DNA test stays with you for life.We pledge performing this important test for you with confidence, professionalism, and care. Our laboratory takes tremendous pride in the quality and care we put into every test.

Our Promise

Our first responsibility is to our clients who rely upon us for our testing services.

  • Privacy and quality of our tests are the highest importance to us.
  • We will protect the privacy of our patients.
  • We will never use patient samples for any other purpose.
  • We will do everything in our capacity to provide our clients with the highest quality testing service using accurate DNA technology.
  • Test result accuracy is of highest importance.
  •  In the event that extra testing is required to reconfirm data for special cases, we will never sacrifice accuracy for speed or expense.
  • Our actions will always be fair and ethical.
Are you hitting-a-wall with your diet?

Let your DNA do the work! We create actionable wellness and diet plans based on your unique metabolism.

Personalized Precision Fitness

Experience wellness in a whole new way!