DNA: Deoxyribonucleic acid, the genetic material of all living organisms. Your DNA stores the genetic information that your body needs to construct its cells and function

Collect your DNA sample

You provide us with your DNA sample using an easy-to-use collection kit that includes step-by-step instructions. After you send it to us we process your DNA sample using proprietary algorithms and that analyze over 128 genes and extracts valuable insight about your unique metabolism.

Start transformation program

First we will start you with a clean meal program that is meant to reset your body’s metabolism. You can also receive weekly follow up sessions with a wellness coach who helps you with fine-tuning the meal program and monitor the results.

Your genes are responsive to everything you do. They hold the key to your personal transformation, making your goals far more attainable.
Your genes are building blocks, sending instructions throughout your body. Your DNA report gives you the insights on how to alter your genes for best you.

Review your genomic test report

The future is here! Using the data extracted from our proprietary process, we produce an easy-to-read report that provides a summary dash-board as well as detailed personalized information about how your DNA interacts with specific types of foods and in-turn how your metabolism and health are impacted.

Personalized Meals Delivered

We then start delivery of your weekly transformation diet meals. Based on your nutrition profile, we will deliver custom meal packages to your door. A new menu is created every week. And, it’s always delivered FRESH!

All meal programs are prepared fresh, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and preservative-free. Vegan and vegetarian options also available.
Personalized Precision Fitness

Experience wellness in a whole new way!

Start your transformation today! Take control with an informed approach to optimize your diet and exercise so you can look and feel your best! We analyze over 128 science based “actionable” genes to develop a personalized food, supplement and wellness plans for you based on your unique DNA. Our genomic tests are designed to identify food and nutrition choices that work well with your unique metabolism. Based on your genomic test report we prepare and deliver customized meals to your door.
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