Bill A.

“My decision to purchase the Fitgenetix, “DNA Smartloss,” program has been very rewarding. The knowledge I gained from my genetics report has enhanced my lifestyle, leaving me feeling much healthier, energized and stronger.”

Every year from mid December to birthday on April 2nd, I go through a cleansing. I take control of my health and eliminate alcohol and really just do a concentration on overall health. What’s really helped my cleanse this year is my Fitgenetix DNA report. The analysis gave me a roadmap to optimal health. Since December 15th, I have lost 25 lbs and have reduced my waist size from a 38 to 36. A ton of people keep telling me I look like I’ve dropped a ton of weight and I’m wearing clothes that haven’t been able to wear for a year. It’s a great feeling!

Mahashweta O.

“I’ve always believed in a holistic approach to health and fitness, so when I came across Fitgenetix on the Internet, I was impressed by the scientific approach and simply eating and working out for your genes.”

I’ve noticed a huge change in the past six months since I’ve been working with Fitgenetix. My sleep has improved; I sleep through the whole night. I feel fresh and energized. My digestion is on track and I feel like my body has been shrinking! My clothes are loose. It’s a good feeling to know the positive actions I’m taking with Fitgenetix are improving my mood, eating habits and the way I exercise. I really like to walk! I just feel so great!

Kim G.

“I spent many years on different diets. Nothing worked. I was constantly hungry and obsessed with food. I lost 11 lbs. in 4 weeks with Fitgenetix program, eating delicious food. “with no calorie restrictions”. I feel great!”

Amanda B.

“Within a week of sending my information to Fitgenetix, I received my report. Learning things each step of the way.  As far as diet is concerned it opened my eyes to so much.  Based on my genetics, I should be on a more plant based protein diet; my genetics also lean toward a higher carb based diet. Chicken, a basic stable in a bodybuilder’s life, tends to lead to inflammation in my case. Which when you think about it makes sense, I ate a lot of chicken, flare ups with stomach issues are based upon inflammation of intestines, chicken causes inflammation…. The list goes on, there were so many “AHH HAAA” moments throughout the entire report.”

Melissa T.

“I had major weight and energy issues over the last four years. I tried many programs, nothing worked. I purchased Fitgenetix DNA Plus on a whim, combination of DNA testing and Food Sensitivities Test. Results changed my life. By eating for my genes I’ve lost 16 pounds. NO PORTION CONTROL! I got my energy is back, my complexion feels much better. I look lean but I’m not going hungry. This is the only way to go.”

Allen H.

“While I was waiting for my test results I started Fitgenetix detox program. After three weeks of DNA meals I gained lean muscle  and my morning fatigue went away.”

Greg B.

“I decreased my weight from 205 to 192, reduced pants size from 36 to 34. I have way less bloating in my mid-section which I attribute to reducing dairy products.  Plus my cycling activity has increased from 40 miles to 60-70 miles per week!”