What’s your summer goal?

Getting ready for summer can be stressful. Make the summer of 2020 the year you get your beach body with the help of DNA science.  Yes, you can! Choice is yours. Whatever you decide your DNA customized personalized plan can help.   Here are a few suggestions for you to start today.

Weight management

How to lose weight when nothing seems to work? If you are tired of making the same weight loss resolution over and over and over again, here’s something for you.  Dive into what’s getting in the way, your gut health and DNA repair.  With our easy 3D weight loss program DNA-SmartLoss you’ll have our team of experts by your side to help you achieve the lasting changes you want. This comprehensive program is scientifically designed to help your metabolism.  No one-size-fit-all.  It is tailor made just for you.

Glowing Skin at any age

Are you passionate about skincare? DNA-SmartSkin can help find the right ingredients and treatments that are best for her or him. It provides customized beauty and skincare regimen for glowing skin at any age.

Fitness Buff

For your fitness buff goal get the ideal training regimen for life.  DNA-Discover is scientifically designed to provide ideal diet regimen, training and pre and post workout supplement program based on genetic make up.

Just Feel Good

Who doesn’t want to know more about themselves? DNA-Smartcare is designed to provide you the right diet for your body at the cellular level based on your DNA.  You’ll get more than 120 different genetic insights to look and feel your best! Our certified nutritionists are here to assist you with actionable intervention so you can take control of your wellbeing.

Elite Athlete

For the ultimate training for power, strength and speed.  DNA Smart Spartan  is designed to provide all-encompassing obstacle race fitness. It will help participants reach the top of their fitness game and improve nutritional and lifestyle habits.

More question?

Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us today

How do you personalize beauty products? 

We offer beauty and skincare DNA test to create a personalized beauty and skin care plan for you.  Your skin care plan includes  topical ingredients, internal supplements and professional treatments that best fit your genetic makeup. Not every skincare product is going to suit everyone. Your skin health markers identified from your genetic test can point the ingredients that best fit you.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us today

Do you offer food and supplement DNA test?

We offer the most comprehensive wellness panel in the market. Our tests analyzes the largest number of science-based “actionable” genes to develop a personalized food, supplement and wellness plans for you.

Do you compile additional information from the DNA sample not presented to the owner and create data to sell to third parties?

We do not test the DNA for additional markers other than those to generate your report, which is provided to you.

Do you sell this information or any parts of this information to third parties?

We DO NOT sell any of the information obtained for the testing to any third parties.

Do I need to share my results with my doctor?

No, your genetic report is your own personal information. You are not required by law to notify or share this information with anyone. You may find it beneficial to share this information with your doctor or with other family members, but this decision is completely up to you.

Will genetic testing affect my insurance coverage?

To protect individuals who undergo genetic testing from discrimination by insurance companies and employers, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) was established in 2008.

Are Fitgenetix personal genetic reports covered under my health insurance?

Although some health insurance companies may cover this type of service, the exact policies and what they cover vary greatly. You should contact your own health insurance company to find out if your policy covers genetic testing services.

How can your test help me with my weight issues?

Our genomic tests are designed to identify food and nutrition choices that work well with your unique metabolism.  Our report provides you with data that may help you lose weight or maintain weight loss. With actionable recommendations included with your results you will have a foundation for change.

How can your test help me better plan my diet?

Our test recommends a diet type that is based on your genetic makeup. In addition to the report, we deliver meals based on your diet plans to assist in weight management.

How can I order this test?

Our tests can be ordered by selecting DNA Test under “Shop Now” button.

What is the process?

You provide a saliva sample by simply spitting in the saliva collection tube.  After you complete the paperwork and ship the sample collection kit back to us, your sample is processed. When your report is ready, you will be notified via email

How long will it take to get back my report?

You should receive your report in four to five weeks after we receive your sample.

What do you do with my sample after testing is complete?

After the genetic testing is complete, your saliva sample is destroyed to protect your privacy.