Have you ever scrolled through social media, and seen those glorious pictures of people pushing through mud, climbing ropes, hurdling over wood walls, carrying sandbags, and think, someday, maybe I could do that?

Have you ever through that COULD be me, someday I COULD complete a Spartan Race?

Well, today is your someday, your someday to start training to complete your first Spartan Race!  All it takes is time, preparation, and commitment.

Meet Jeremiah Eskew. Two time Trifecta Spartan.

Jeremiah has done it time after time and he is getting ready to do it again. This time he is going to share all aspects of his preparation with the Fitgenetix tribe on a 60 day program. It takes all three, nutrition, physical preparation, and mental acuity. You’ll be able to follow along online and participate in a live clinic before the race.

You will have an all-encompassing Spartan experience with Jeremiah including direction and confidence building. Yes, its the food we are eating, yes, its the training we are physically doing, but it’s also mental preparation. Taking the time for mobility/recovery, breathing exercises, even sometimes getting into cold/heat therapies can be key in becoming resilient in the face of challenges!

Kick off your new year with Spartan race! January 27th in SoCal run with Jeremiah!

Just Get Started!