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New coronavirus cocktail

By February 6th, 2020 No Comments

Chinese scientists say a new approach to treating patients with coronavirus is gaining initial success: using an antiviral drug for the flu and an anti-HIV drug.

A combination therapy involving cocktails of drugs meant for different ailments may prove to be effective in combating the coronavirus. Viruses aren’t as easy to treat as bacteria; they are diverse and can’t be targeted with broad-spectrum drugs. 

Researchers have found that the combination of antiviral drug Arbidol, used in Russia and China, and Darunavir, an anti-HIV drug, can be effective inhibiting the new coronavirus.

While this is a positive development, the researchers did not say how many patients were treated with this combination therapy and it may be too early to evaluate their effectiveness.

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Troy Wilkens

Troy Wilkens

Bioinformatics Engineer

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