Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA published) a 138 patient Wuhan coronavirus report on Friday. Report provides comprehensive information about patients infected by the virus; it details how the illness spreads and progresses. Approximately 10% of the patients had diarrhea and nausea first instead of common symptoms, cough and fever. Other uncommon symptoms included headache, dizziness and abdominal pain. 26% of patients required intensive care, mortality rate was 4.3%, and hospital-related-transmission is suspected in 41% of the patients. Some moderately ill patients took a turn for the worse a week into their illness. Reported median time when patients become short of breath 5 days, hospitalization 7 days, severe breathing problems, 8 days. Older patients and patients with chronic conditions, diabetes, heart disease or cancer tended to become more severely ill than younger, healthier patients.

Chest CT scan of a coronavirus patient. Courtesy of Wuhan Union Hospital, China

Coronavirus patient, chest CT scan. Wuhan Union Hospital, China



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