Welcome to my journey, I’m Amanda Bertone.

Oh, I cannot begin to start to express my excitement over Fitgenetix and the promise it is giving me.

So a little bit about me, my name is Amanda Bertone and I am a Fitgenetix Ambassador. Beyond that, my history is competitive bodybuilding through NPC Oklahoma, fitness model, gym owner, 3 college degrees and working on a double masters.  I have had my fair share of nutrition education but I could never quite figure out what was going on with my stomach and how to solve it.  For years I have been in and out of doctors offices, testing, ultrasounds, medications and still never fully able to understand what was going on.  Why did my body not seem to hold nutrients, why did I struggle with digestion, why did some foods trigger things and others did not.  I fought through a lot of pain, discomfort, stress but at the end of the day I never really felt right.  

I had been following Ashley Legg’s posts in regards to Fitgenetix closely.  I knew it was something I needed to explore. It made sense to me. Through all my education I fully believed that getting back to the basics was something I needed to do but wasn’t sure how to get there.  I did my research, talked to Ashley and I knew that this was the answer I was searching for.  Luckily I had already had data from 23andme. You don’t have to have your 23andme report to get a Fitgenetix report, however Fitgenetix can take those results to generate your health/wellness analysis at a discounted rate. With the 23andMe test I just learned mainly about my heritage, where my ancestors had came from, most of which I had an idea of, but always nice to know the breakdown of it all.

Within a week of sending my information to Fitgenetix, I received my whole report in my email. Of course, when you get the email they set up a telephone conference to go over things, but I was impatient so I started digging into the pages to know answers.  Learning things each step of the way.  Because of my stomach issues I was hoping something would finally give me clues and they did!!!  I discovered that I do have a gene in me which tends to lead to obesity, am i obese now, no, but I know for my future in the back of my mind what i have to do to make sure I do not get that way.  I also do not have a fat burning gene, what this means for me is I have to keep up my cardio.  Both very important pieces of information I feel.  As far as diet is concerned it opened my eyes to so much.  Based on my genetics, I should be on a more plant based protein diet, my genetics also lean toward a higher carb based diet.  Both I sat and thought about.  Chicken, a basic stable in a bodybuilders life, tends to lead to inflammation in my case. Which when you think about it makes sense, I ate a lot of chicken, flare ups with stomach issues are based upon inflammation of intestines, chicken cases inflammation…. The list goes on, there were so may “AHH HAAA” type moments throughout the entire report.


So this is day one of my complete journey with Fitgenetix.  A new journey I am so excited to be on, one that I really think will help bring balance to all my stomach issues.  Do I think it will completely cure it, not yet, but I do think that many of my flareups will soon be spread further apart.  Will I completely give up meat, no but I will be more conscience of my eating habits.  

See the great thing about this is each meal plan produced by Fitgenetix is different.  This is something that fully looks at each person as an individual.  There is no cookie cutter diet here.  This is life and reality…

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