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A fundamental wakeup call, here’s what I learned from my DNA report

My name is Jeffrey Miller and this is my Fitgenetix experience. Highlights in this blog include: Confidence in daily lifestyle decisions Energy level improvements Mood improvement Less bloat I have the WARRIOR GENE Overall balance of health and wellness Maintainable/manageable changes I refer to my DNA test analysis as a fundamental wakeup call. Learning about my genes and how they…

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My Fitgenetix DNA report enhanced my life

My name is Bill Ayers and this is my Fitgenetix experience. Highlights in this blog include: Down 25 lbs Inches lost, went from 38-36 waist Feeling great, fresh and energized Improved energy Education on optimal foods/exercises for genes More energy/more sleep Enhanced lifestyle My decision to purchase the Fitgenetix, “DNA Smartloss,” program has been very rewarding. The knowledge I gained from…

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Eating for life longevity, away from disease, heart problems & diabetes

My name is Mahashweta Ojha and this is my Fitgenetix experience. Highlights in this blog include:       Inches lost       Better digestion       Feeling great, fresh and energized       Less bloating in midsection       Working to improve cholesterol, Vitamin D intake       Understanding of the right foods for my body I’m from Dehli, India, but moved to America when I was 20-years-old and now live in…

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Improving Quality Of Life Through Gene Expression

Fitgenetix Spokesperson Ashley Legg sat down with Juan Carlos Lopez-Talavera, MD, PhD to talk about Science, DNA, genetics and improving quality of life through everyday action.Juan Carlos is a physician and scientist who has been working in different areas of liver health for 25 years.His focus has been studying the obesity epidemic worldwide and how humans can avoid complications of…

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Eating & exercising for my genes changed my life for the better

Hi, my name is Greg and welcome to my Fitgenetix experience. Highlights in this blog include: Decrease in weight, reduced pant size Activity has significantly improved Cut dairy & alcohol & chicken Less bloating in midsection, stiffness in hands/elbows Continuing to improve cholesterol/glucose levels by taking control of diet/exercise I received my results from Fitgenetix in June 2017 and started…

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