My name is Jeffrey Miller and this is my Fitgenetix experience. Highlights in this blog include:

  • Confidence in daily lifestyle decisions
  • Energy level improvements
  • Mood improvement
  • Less bloat
  • I have the WARRIOR GENE
  • Overall balance of health and wellness
  • Maintainable/manageable changes

I refer to my DNA test analysis as a fundamental wakeup call. Learning about my genes and how they respond to certain types of food and exercises has helped me change my habits and thoughts. My report offered a lot of good information that was simple to read and easy to consume. This was my blueprint to improve my health! I believe that our outer world is a reflection of our inner state. I was ready to make some positive changes. I was so impressed with the simplicity of taking the saliva test. It was easy. I gave my sample, mailed it out in the pre addressed envelope provided and that was it, the process was fantastic. Once I received my DNA analysis, I understood the valuable information I was learning about my genetics.

Here’s what I learned from my report. I was really surprised to see I have deficiencies in vitamin b complex, 12 and 6 so I’ve started adding in a variety of fruits and vegetables to help me optimize my intake. My body also responds negatively to too many carbs/sugary foods, so I’ve cut back on bread and muffins.  I found out I’m in the red zone when it comes to caffeine, my body doesn’t metabolize it well. I no longer drink caffeine past noon. This has helped me sleep better at night. My genotype is also prone to rapid aging, so I’ve added more antioxidants from fruit and veggies to help slow down that process. I learned I have to work extra hard to burn that stubborn fat, which I can relate to and I discovered more about my muscle strength, I have average strength and explosiveness. The most interesting finding in my report is that I have the “warrior gene,” meaning I know how to handle stressful and chaotic situations. Reading this helped me understand my personality/behaviors. This is so true. I’ve always considered myself a mild and balanced person. I’ve noticed when anxiety hits and I’m put in tough situations, I have the mental strength to power through it. I also have a track record for more risk taking decisions in life, but somehow I’ve always been able to balance the risk and chaos. Every since I read  about the warrior gene, it just clicked. I realized I don’t have to change my makeup, this is how I’m developed, this is how I am. I’m cool and calm. This is me!

For me implementing these changes were easy adjustments to my diet. Then it was relying on my discipline and hard work to change my habits and to sustain these changes. I realized I should no longer be doing things to myself that hurt me. I have to be conscious and understand my reactions to certain foods and what I need to work on to improve. This blueprint is a guide. It helps you understand what to do to be better, so you don’t just cover up symptoms. You can actually change how your genes respond to certain things by improving your eating and exercises. What you learn are core changes that really help improve your overall life.

My goals are to continue to be mindful of my decisions. I want better health because I want to live longer. I’m focusing on more exercise and just taking my health more seriously. I honestly recommend Fitgenetix to everyone. How much would you pay for improved health/longevity free of chronic diseases? Our health is priceless.


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