Fitgenetix values every team member that makes our vision possible and to show our appreciation, we are featuring some people part of our quality staff. Not only do we partner up with driven professionals, their expertise and credibility stands out. We are proud to introduce you to one of our nutrition consultants, Jessica Caricato, based out of New York City.

Jessica is a Registered Dietitian who lives in NYC, where she recently obtained her Master’s Degree in Nutrition Education from Columbia University. She has experience in many areas of professional nutrition, including diabetic education, gastroenterology, and family meal planning, and is a Nutrition Consultant with Fitgenetix. In addition to her experience in nutrition, she is also a chef and she hopes to inspire a love of cooking in anyone she speaks to. Her culinary specialty is Mediterranean dishes, especially fish and vegetable based dishes. She would be happy to coach you on how to meet your nutrition goals and to love the foods you eat while you do it!

Fitgenetix Director of Operations, Ashley Legg, interviewed Jessica recently, our effort for you to get to know her better! Everyone that works with our company has a deep passion to educate people about living a healthy & balanced lifestyle and believe that knowledge is power!

Ashley: From your professional experience, what is the best way people can eat for optimal health?

Jessica: It should definitely be a focus on making small, realistic changes and being mindful about your eating habits! There’s not one perfect diet that everyone should follow identically, and you can work specific concessions that make you happy into your diet as long as you plan appropriately! In my experience, someone who changes everything about their diet instantly is far more likely to feel miserable and drop all the changes versus someone who makes smaller changes, causing more gradual results, but a diet they are happy to stay on long-term.

Ashley: Do you think big diet companies have over complicated health & wellness by adding too much here and/or depriving too much there?

Jessica: Absolutely, yes! Very strict diets tend to result in quick weight loss and a more noticeable result right away, partially because of the diet itself but also due to the fact that your body is adapting to such a rapid change. Often, these instances of rapid weight loss are very difficult to maintain over time, especially if you find the diet too strict to follow and revert back to pre-diet habits.

Ashley: Have diet trends set unrealistic expectations for society?

Jessica: I think that diet trends cast an unrealistic light on food and eating, namely that food and eating is something to be “dealt with” or restricted first and foremost, or that it’s something that should be addressed as quickly as possible, rather than something that should be primarily a source of enjoyment!

Ashley: What’s your take on DNA based diets?

Jessica: I think they are very helpful in allowing someone to prioritize what changes they can make, and Fitgenetix largely focuses on which evidence-based diet practices are most applicable to each person based on their genes!

Ashley: Does Science add credibility to personalized wellness?

Jessica: Evidence-based findings and scientific research is so important to choosing the right diet for you! You can’t believe everything you read.

Ashley: What have you learned from working with Fitgenetix customers?

Jessica: My clients here have definitely reinforced to me that motivation is such an important part of the process. Everyone has been so ready to make changes, and very excited to discuss how DNA test findings can be incorporated into their lives, which makes me so happy!

Ashley: What piece of advice would you give to people interested in DNA based diets but don’t know where to start?

Jessica: Start with taking the test. Then, I  suggest you think about what changes you’d most like to make based on your test results, and what parts of your habits now you definitely want to keep, and from there, we can work together on how to best use your results to address those changes in a way that works best for you and that makes you feel great!

At Fitgenetix, through a simple saliva test, we provide you your blueprint for transformation. Our comprehensive DNA analysis supplies you information for life that can ultimately help you reach optimal health and happiness.

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