Fitgenetix wants to congratulate Scott Piercy & Billy Horschel for winning the Zurich Classic of New Orleans.

Fitgenetix is proud to team up with Scott, a professional golfer and 3-time PGA Tour winner. This standout athlete is always on the go, balancing golf, being on the road 30 weeks a year, plus he’s a family man, spending as much quality time with his wife and three sons. Scott came to Fitgenetix because he was interested in finding out what foods are good/triggers for him, he has celiac disease. Here’s our interview with Scott.

Fitgenetix: Hey Scott! We’re curious to know why you reached out to Fitgenetix in the first place?

Scott: I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease for the past five years, dealing with stomach issues, feeling achy, just overall not feeling good. I wanted to get a better picture about what’s going on with me. What foods to eat and what foods are considered trigger foods.

Fitgenetix: What did you learn from your genetic report?

Scott: The biggest shocker is my body responds better to more carbs. I always thought, high fat, low carb, high protein was what I needed to do. I learned to reduce my chicken intake, due to inflammation and my DNA also told me I have the obesity gene, which makes sense on why I have been fighting so hard for results. It has been challenging keeping the weight off. As far as working out, my body responds better to lifting heavier weights with less reps.

Fitgenetix: Have you been able to implement some positive changes to your lifestyle?

Scott: I’m trying, but I know I’m a hard target. It’s definitely challenging due to traveling, but overall I’m being more aware and trying to switch up my eating. Lately I have been eating more beans as my protein source and good carbs. I feel good.

Fitgenetix: How did you like our meal delivery programs?

Scott: For someone who is on the road 30 weeks out of the year, needing 3 meals per day on the go, the meals were more so for convenience for me. Plus I have a better understanding about what types of foods are beneficial for my body and my genes. They were really good and l felt good eating them.

Fitgenetix: What are your goals now?

Scott: I just want my body to feel good and my stomach to feel good. Fitgenetix gave me the edge I was looking for to pinpoint what’s going on with me. I’m more educated and aware about my body and my genetics. I plan to continue to incorporate the information I learned into my daily lifestyle.

Fitgenetix: Thanks Scott. We appreciate you taking the time to answer some questions for us and wish you continued success.

Scott: Thanks! I recommend anyone wanting to dig deeper into their genes check out Fitgenetix.

At Fitgenetix, we enjoy working with all types of people. People who are looking to lose weight, improve performance and how to manage chronic illnesses like celiac disease. Our goal is to provide you your blueprint for transformation and improve overall health & wellness from the inside out!

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