My name is Bill Ayers and this is my Fitgenetix experience. Highlights in this blog include:

  • Down 25 lbs
  • Inches lost, went from 38-36 waist
  • Feeling great, fresh and energized
  • Improved energy
  • Education on optimal foods/exercises for genes
  • More energy/more sleep
  • Enhanced lifestyle

My decision to purchase the Fitgenetix, “DNA Smartloss,” program has been very rewarding. The knowledge I gained from my genetics report has enhanced my lifestyle, leaving me feeling much healthier, energized and stronger.

Every year from mid December to birthday on April 2nd, I go through a cleansing. I take control of my health and eliminate alcohol and really just do a concentration on overall health. What’s really helped my cleanse this year is my Fitgenetix DNA report. The analysis gave me a roadmap to optimal health. Since December 15th, I have lost 25 lbs and have reduced my waist size from a 38 to 36. A ton of people keep telling me I look like I’ve dropped a ton of weight and I’m wearing clothes that haven’t been able to wear for a year. It’s a great feeling! 

My report opened my eyes to many new things in regards to nutrition and fitness. What really blew me away is that each DNA analysis provided me multiple life recommendations to help me improve, like the types of foods that are better for my genes and optimal times to eat certain foods. My report showed a big red flag on how my body reacts to carbs. I’ve known that, but my genetic results were very glaring. I have made a big effort to reduce my carb intake, but also to focus on better carbs beneficial for my body, like oatmeal. I was never a big fan of oatmeal, but I’ve added it to my diet because of the fiber intake. Regarding exercise, I’ve always been an avid hiker and my report confirmed I have a lot of stamina. I also learned that my body doesn’t respond best to lifting weights, but responds better to aerobic exercises like the stair stepper and spinning. I have experienced so much more energy, I can spin 3-4 days in a row now and my sleep has also improved significantly. 

I also learned more about my health and certain areas I’m lacking in. Before my DNA test, I had also went through a physical to learn more about my baseline panels. I have slightly higher cholesterol and glucose. Using the information I’ve learned in my report, I’ve been focusing on getting the proper nutrients my body needs through healthy smoothies. Plus with all of my exercise changes, I’m hoping to move needle on those panels and improve my cholesterol and glucose levels. I will have a follow up physical soon. 

My goal is to lose another 20 lbs and I feel like I can get there. The sky is the limit! I have recommended the Fitgenetix DNA test to my friends and family, many of them have read through my in depth analysis and are impressed. This test is great for anyone who wants to learn more, to be proactive when it comes to taking control of your health.


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