If you are a gym-goer and happen to wander to the free weights section of the gym, you may hear things like this, “c’mon bro add another plate to look like me” or “hey, you got to try my protein shake.” Here’s the deal, what may work for your gym buddy may not be the best routine or supplement for you.

Elite athletes like Fitgenetix Ambassador Dale Moss have gone one step farther and found a new way to improve their workouts based on their DNA. Genetics shape us in many ways including our potential to excel in sports. Genetics have an influence over strength, muscle size and muscle fiber composition, anaerobic threshold, lung capacity, flexibility and endurance. Your genetics determine how your body responds to training, diet and supplements.  In addition, DNA testing can provide insights to predisposition to injury from the collagen in our tendons and ligaments, how well our body responds to calorie restriction or calorie excess when it comes to weight gain or weight loss and how long we might need to recover between sets or from an injury.

The way it works with Fitgenetix is simple. DNA samples are collected from your saliva.  Your sample is then analyzed to identify your genetic makeup and what works best for you. An appropriate DNA test can provide you the information you need for DNA smart training, nutrition and supplement plan. It is important for the DNA test to provide you a complete profile for you to have holistic view of your genetic makeup.

“A primary challenge when attempting to describe the influence of genetic factors on athletic performance is its multifactorial nature. Every sport has unique physical requirements and these requirements can be dramatically different between sports. Therefore, any study of the genetic influence on performance must consider the performance components most appropriate for the sport of interest  (Guth/Roth 2013)”.  For this reason, DNA reports are most valuable with context to provide you robust, actionable information about YOU.  As an example, when developing athletic plans, Fitgenetix algorithms take into consideration your size, weight, body physique, and position as well as most extensive genetic data in the industry. It’s much easier to put together your personal athletic plan if you have a holistic view of your genetics to reach your personal best.

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