Fitgenetix Spokesperson Ashley Legg sat down with Juan Carlos Lopez-Talavera, MD, PhD to talk about Science, DNA, genetics and improving quality of life through everyday action.Juan Carlos is a physician and scientist who has been working in different areas of liver health for 25 years.His focus has been studying the obesity epidemic worldwide and how humans can avoid complications of being overweight by creating healthy habits to better, reverse and/or even cure conditions people suffer with daily. Some disease cases are more severe than others, needing more medical attention, however the majority of people can improve overall health through education, intention and action.


Highlights of this interview include:

-Benefits of diet and exercise, to improve overall well-being

-Learning how to better, reverse and sometimes cure diseases through action

-Understanding your genes and how they can help you

-Comparing the number of genes Fitgenetix tests and analyzes, 128 scientifically proven genes, compared to competitors in the market

-We are what our genes do, with what we put into our body

-How are gene variants distinguish body responses

-Being proactive can improve conditions from happening/worsening like Celiac disease

-Drug therapy versus holistic approach

At Fitgenetix, our goal is to educate you and empower you to take control of your life, to feed and fuel your genes in the most optimal way. We want to help you focus on the benefits of positive food and activity choices that will change your life for the better, both physically and mentally.

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