Below are commonly asked questions about our DNA tests. For more specific information about our tests you can contact us at via email at or call our customer support at 415-968-4043

Is My Personal Information Protected?

Your privacy and security are important to us. Once samples are collected, they are packaged in a tamper-proof bag for shipment to our DNA testing laboratory. All samples are bar-coded and all computer systems are secured. Results are shared only with you and your authorized practitioner. For your protection, results are not released over the phone.

Do you compile additional information from the DNA sample not presented to the owner and create data to sell to third parties?

We do not test the DNA for additional markers other than those to generate your report, which is provided to you.

Do you sell this information or any parts of this information to third parties?

We DO NOT sell any of the information obtained for the testing to any third parties.

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