Do you use any processed food/artificial ingredients, etc.?

No. We have made it our mission to only use fresh, ORGANIC ingredients. All our meals are Preservative-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Corn-Free, Wild Caught, Grass Fed, Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-free, GMO-Free. Our meals are delivered in BPA-Free recyclable containers. Our insulation materials are water soluble.

What should I do when I receive my box?

Please be sure to refrigerate your food as soon as possible! The food is made fresh, and while it is in a chilled insulated box, it must be placed in the refrigerator as close to delivery time as possible.

How long can I keep my food for?

Food should keep, as long as it is refrigerated, for at least the days you are provided for.

What is the best way to prepare the meals

Our containers are oven safe however, we do recommend you transfer food to an oven safe dish. Heat for 15 minutes at 350°

Can I choose what I want to eat for the week?

Our menu is delivered for a week. You can consume them in any order you prefer.

How are the meals prepared? Is anything fried?

No. Every meal is made from scratch, just like you would prepare in your own home.

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