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Welcome to Fitgenetix,  I’m Lee Akay, the founder. Fitgenetix was created out of a strong personal desire to bring the latest proven health and fitness technologies to everyday people like you and me. Having been involved in cutting-edge technologies for most of my professional career, I was acutely aware of the lag time confronting healthcare technologies for everyday use. I also had a very personal experience after I witnessed my father suffer from diabetes and four heart attacks due to his eating habits. He passed away from a massive heart attack. If Fitgenetix can help improve the health of one person, we have done our job.

We are bringing the power of genomics-based, custom-made solutions to everyone. We want to help you be your best-self every day. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, tackle chronic conditions or sculpt your body, genetic testing paves the way to a new era of personalized wellness. The appropriate depth and breadth of genomic information can give us specific action steps for daily use.

Personalized wellness starts with YOU. Fitgenetix gives you choice and control based on your specific genetic profile, to make transformative lifestyle decisions.

We also want to make it easy and convenient for you to follow the recommendations. In today’s fast-moving world, we have competing priorities and some days we forget to take care of ourselves. We added food prep and delivery services to help make nutrition needs convenient. We use epigenetics and culinary genomics sciences to customize meals delivered right to your door. By following the guidelines provided in your Fitgenetix personalized report, you can make informed lifestyle choices that will help you reach your full wellness potential.

We’re glad you’re here. Stay tuned for more blogs with additional thoughts and conversation regarding topics in personalized health and wellness.

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