DNA Privacy, Confidentiality, and much more

Fitgenetix was created to make the power of genomics more accessible to everyday people.  We wanted to improve health and wellness through valid and actionable genomic information owned and controlled by the individual. By learning about genomics, our customers can bootstrap their ability to influence gene expression and genetic code from the bottom up.  The more we learn about the genomics and the intricacies of the genome and the biome, the better we can influence and control our health and wellness.

Today we have the technology to map out a detailed genetic report for people to better understand their body and its needs.  Similar to any new technology, genetics has to be user-friendly. In addition to assuring the privacy and confidentiality of genomic information, the complexity of genetics dictates the need for specialized language and information. Therefore, it becomes even more important for companies like Fitgenetix to provide clear, concise and credible information to the public and the health professionals.

To address this need, we are launching the Fitgenetix Genomic Intelligence series.  We will discuss DNA privacy and confidentiality. We will explain the process of receiving a detailed genomics report from a small sample of saliva.  We will review the steps in DNA extraction, interpretation, and describe what happens to your sample at the lab. Rightfully so, DNA test confidentiality and privacy are some of the most important factors in deciding to take a home DNA test.  We’ll share insights as to how to protect your DNA data and much more.

Stay tuned!

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